Sunday, July 28, 2013

Christmas In July Tutorial

Julianne joining you today with a Christmas In July Tutorial. 

Every year I say I will start getting myself ready for Christmas early, and every year it doesn't happen. But not this year! I have just made my first decoration for Christmas 2013. (You do realise Christmas will be here before we know it!!!).

Are you ready for some Christmas fun? Yes, in July! I am going to show you, step-by-step, how to make this magical Christmas tree for your home. It's very easy to make, but takes a little time. 

(I cannot take credit for this tree, it was originally designed by Vanessa Waller from Scrap With V. Although it does differ a little - Vanessa used a paper cone for her base, I have used foam). 

One foam cone (available from most craft stores). I have cut about 3 inches off the top of mine (after this photo was taken). 7-8 sheets of double sided paper, small patterns work the best (I have used Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses). Lots of good quality, quick-drying, strong glue (I used Helmar). 5 sheets of Imaginarium Designs Christmas Balls (20 balls in total). Two small Edward Relief pieces. Glimmermist (Dazzling Diamonds). Two ink pads that match the papers you are using. Glitter (I have used Martha Stewart Coars Glitter). Dimensional Magic. Double-sided tape. Ribbon (to match your papers). Small flowers that match your papers (I have used Prima mini roses). White gesso (or paint). One or two pens for highlighted the designs on the chipboard Christmas Balls (I have used Sakura pens - but a silver or gold leafing pen would probably work just as well). Rhinestones that match the colours of your papers. Decorations for your tree.

1. Cut each pice of paper into three strips, each strip 4" x 12".
2. Now take each strip, and cut it into 12 pieces, each 1" x 4". You should have over 200 strips of paper.
3. Using double sided tape, adhere each strip of paper together, making an odd shaped loop.
4. Fold the end of the paper over (as shown in the final image).

5. Before adding the paper loops to the cone, slice about 3 inches off the top of the cone (if desired). For me, the cone was too tall, and too pointed.. Using glue, adhere a row of loops to the bottom of the foam cone (as shown in the first image). The folded tab of each loop is what you glue onto the cone. The loops should be pointing downwards.
6. Using lots of glue, continue adding more rows of paper loops. Keep going until you reach the top of the cone.
7. At the top of the cone, I have reversed the direction of the tab, so that the loops point upward (not downward). Refer to the bottom images.

8. Now for the fun part - the chipboard decorations. The Christmas balls have been inked with two contrasting inks. I have then sprayed Dazzling Diamonds Glimmermist all over the balls for added shine and sparkle. Once 100% dry, I have used several silver Sakura pens to highlight the designs on the chipboard pieces.
9. Next, I added Dimensional magic to the balls, then sprinkled a light coat of clear glitter over top. I allowed this to dry 100%, then I tied bows to the top of each ball.
10. For the top of the tree, I used several pieces of coloured ribbons that matched the papers I have used. I simply tied them into bows, and adhered them on top of each other, on the top of the cone.
11. Next, I coated two small Edward Relief pieces with gesso (on both sides). Once dry, I coated each piece with Dimensional Magic, and sprinkled over the top with clear glitter. I then added a large rhinestone to the centre of each piece.  Once both pieces were dry, I glued them together, in the shape of a star. To adhere the star to the top of the tree, I wrapped some spare ribbon around the base of the star (to create a base that could be glued to the cone). I then surrounded the base of the star with mini roses, to hide the ribbon and glue (see image below).

I finished off by spraying the roses with Dazzling Diamonds Glimmermist.

I threaded a string of beads, and a string of pearls, around the tree. I kept them in place with a small dab of glue. 

To finish off my decorations, I randomly added large clear rhinestones to the end of the paper loops. 

And the decorated chipboard balls were also adhered with glue. 
In this image you can see the highlight from the Sakura pen, and the lovely sparkly glitter. 

So, do you feel like celebrating Christmas now? I think I do - so this Santa has decided, if you leave a comment on this blog post, you will automatically be entered into a draw to win some fabulous Imaginarium Designs chipboard. 

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Cheers and happy scrapping,
Jules. x


  1. Awesome tutorial, I so understand what you mean by getting organised for Xmas early and never getting there! Well done, your tree looks amazing!

  2. Totally amazing, I love that you've started for Christmas because it will be here before we can blink.

  3. looks great Jules ... good on you for starting early ... hugz xx

  4. Wow, this is totally amazing! What a great idea!

  5. I really love this. What a brilliant way of using up all those odd 1/2 & 1/4 sheets of 12 x 12 paper that get put in a box because "they will come in useful!" I think this would also be a great table decoration for a birthday/anniversary celebration. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial too ~ first class. Jenney x

  6. What a great idea, just beautiful!!!!!