Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Chicks

I am sharing a page that has been in my head for a few months, and finally I have finished it. Its a very mixed media layout that I loved doing and am happy with. To start I have prepared just a sheet of vanilla bazzil as if it were a canvas, with sprays and spritz, often I use a sheet of vanilla as my scrap piece when spraying chip or flowers and use this as a base for a layout(colour already added)
Then I have slapped on lots of texture paost and wound string into it, along with some flowers and egg shell. This will take days to dry, and then you can commence adding layers of colour. drops and sprays, I wanted to create the colours of robins eggs, and quail eggs, with splotches and subtle blue.
The brown feathers are painted with any brown ink, I have then applied copper glitter to the wet paint and touched the edges with green lumieres for shimmer.

It was then a matter of selecting from Imaginariums range of feathers and leaves to create a kind of scene that you might find a birds nest, like in a meadow. I have mounted the small photos on sturdy chip and sanded the edges so they could sit well on the textured surface. For the dandelion I have inked it with distress inks then applied dimensional magic, sprinkled the top with micro beads, allowed it to dry and then rubbed gesso over areas of detail. The Peacock feather is brown Lumieres paint with micro beads and gold paint rubbed over them, same technique different look.

The word cherish I have coated in copper lumieres or you could use copper inka gold and swiped the top with gesso so that it matches the rest of the faded elements on the page. Little items I have used are beads glued to the layout and  a swipe of gesso and ink, feathers, small eggs painted with gesso and dabbed with detail, small mushrooms I have cut one in half so that it was not too thick and fuffy fibre which has been wound in with the string. And of course the eggshell is applied directly to the cardstock as texture. If you have a go at doing something like this I advise just play and go with the flow it is such fun and you never know what you will come up with .lol
My flowers of course have gesso applied to them too to match,  I love the large one with textured bead centre from Couture Creations, I have deepened the centre with copper lumieres, and applied gesso over the  centre bead and on the very edges, it does not show up as well in the photo but the effect is magic.
Chip I have used 



  1. Wow a lot of hard work has been put into this gorgeous layout Sue! Love the eggshell idea and love all the great techniques used everywhere on the chipboard!

  2. This sure looks like a fun and creative project!!! Love all of the textures you have going on Sue!

  3. Gorgeous layout! I have a question for you. When the layouts have lots of dimension to them, it's obviously not possible to store them in a normal scrapbooking album. I understand they can be treated as art work and left out on some sort of picture stand or even on the wall. My question is what do you do with them when you start to accumulate lots of them? Is there a special album you can buy for dimensional layouts?
    Thanks so much!

  4. Funny you should say that Marianne,spoke to the guys from project life at the melbourne show this weekend about a filing box that could hold 12 x12 layouts in pockets. Imagine a faux leather box with lid, nice brass label on the front for the theme or child that could slip into you bookcase, so that anyone can take it out and leaf through the layouts in the box. Why do we need them all joined by a spine? What do you think. Then you can fit as many layouts as you can with out crushing, as storing upright allows them not to be crushed.
    Saying that I took 25 layouts down to Melbourne, in a suitcase with a cuttlebug and loads of paint and stuff and no layout was damaged or crushed. Paper can be remarkably robust. I make my sturdy lol lots of hot glue and chip lol