Thursday, July 5, 2012

Creative from Head to Toe!

Hello Everyone
Today I have a lovely project from Asuka to share with you. She has created a special Mini Book. I must admit that when I saw the photo's of her book I was taken by surprise. What an interesting theme for a mini book, but now I have seen her toes, I can understand why you would want to make a book to match.

She has made her mini album to match the colours of her fingers and toes.

Just look at the lovely front of her cover. She has even included a set of nails on the her cover

The back is just as beautiful.

 Just look at the finish Asuka had put on her chipboard. I love the way she has the colour fading down the letters. Asuka has used perfect pearls on her oval frame to create little dots. She is so clever and her work is always beautiful.
Asuka has a real talent for layering and placing all her elements together. I wish you  could see in detail the back ground of her covers. Asuka always does the most amazing backgrounds before she even starts her projects. Again she has created another lovely project to share with us.
To see more of her work and her fingers! Check out her blog.
Asuka Miyamoto


  1. Beautiful toe's and a delightful, gorgeous mini album. Looking at my toes, I need a pedicure - and a manicure and an all day 'cure'... LOL

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  3. It's just beautiful and so are the toes, I just love all the yummy colors!!

  4. Wow that is stunning, the backgrounds are amazing and I love the colours she has used! :)

  5. This is just absolutly stunning..I love the nails and the mini is SOOO gorgeous!! Beautiful colors..Hugs Marley

  6. This album is so gorgeous!! Love all the texture and the colours!!!!! WOW!!!

  7. Splendid work, Asuka! Just stunning and I imagine it is even more beautiful in person! Enjoyed it!

  8. Exquisite! Just goes to show that you can find inspiration everywhere! :)